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Tired of Getting 2 to 5% in a CD or Money Market?  Praying To Make 10% in the Stock Market This Year?  Worried About the Economy or Rising Interest Rates?  Make the Move That Can Get You 20 to 50% Returns, Regardless of What the Economy Does!

How Would You Like To Learn About The Investment That Produces An All Cash, Monthly Passive Income, Which You Can Control, With Strategies That Can Reduce Your Taxes That Nobody Else Is Teaching?


By Brian Brunckhorst, President

Advantage Laundry, Inc.


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Investors and Entrepreneurs,


If you are looking for a better way to invest your money, one that allows you to control the investment, without spending too much time doing it, then you are in the right place.  You see, the problem with most investments is that as an investor, you have little or no control over them. 


Think about this!  You can reduce your investment risk if you have more control over the investment!



Take the stock market for example.  What control do you have over the price of a company’s stock?  Well, aside from buying the company’s products or sending a letter to the President of the company wishing him a good day, the answer is not much!  Yet people day in and day out park their money in the Market and Pray for a great return.  Sometimes they get lucky, but most of the time they put their money at risk to ultimately earn very little.  And there is always the chance of a market crash.  Who remembers 2007, yikes!!


You could take the Safe approach and invest in a CD or Money Market and earn 2 to 5%, but what is your real return?  Well, with inflation around 3% your return is between -1 to 2 %.  How is that safe?  It is a guaranteed loss to a marginal profit.  You will never get wealthy that way.  And bonds are not much better either.


So what are your other choices?  Many would say Real Estate and that has long been a great wealth building vehicle.  But with the huge run up in home prices over the last few years and the rising interest rates, the housing market is starting to cool off.  And let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to be a Landlord.


So the answer that many people are choosing today is the same one that people found in the 1800’s.  They go into business for themselves.  But, “wait a minute” you say, “I already have a full time job.  I don’t have the time to run a full time business as well” and that is the dilemma.  


You see like most investors we want the superior returns that a business could generate but without giving up the security of our day jobs or our current business, and most businesses, as you know, require full time attention.  Besides, starting or buying a new business venture can be risky, right?  Not necessarily! 


Well, what if I told you how you could have your cake and eat it too! 


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There is a business that, if run properly, only requires 3 to 5 hours a week of your time.  That is less than an hour a day with weekends off. 


This is a business that is NOT labor intensive so you won’t have a lot of employees to manage. 


There is no selling involved and you don’t have to ask your friends to buy a bunch of soap or vitamins.


It is a service-based business that fulfills a basic necessity in life, and is therefore recession resistant


One in which its customers supply their own labor


Oh and by the way, for this service they pay in advance with all cash!  There are no “checks in the mail” or Account Receivables.


This is a real, brick and mortar business, in a mature industry that generates annual sales of over $6 Billion dollars, reducing your risk


That industry is the Self-Service Laundry Industry.   Better known as Coin-Op Laundromats!  I have always loved the idea of all those quarters just rolling in good weather or bad.  In fact the worst the weather the better, people wear more clothes and they have to wash them somewhere!


And it is a simple business too.  You don’t have to spend time in educating your customers how to wash their clothes; they have been doing that for years. 


A Coin-Laundry business can easily generate returns of 20 to 50% or more, sometimes much more.  And it doesn’t have to be a full time job.  In fact when you properly manage your Laundromat, it should require no more than 3 to 5 hours a week of your time.  And that time is largely spent collecting and counting your money.  I can think of worse ways to spend my working time than counting my money!


Hi, my name is Brian Brunckhorst , and for the last 5 years I have been learning about the Coin Laundry business.  I have found out, the dos and don’ts about this business, sometimes the hard way, and I want to share my experiences with you!


Register Now For My 1 Hour Teleseminar To Learn More!!


After looking and looking for just the “right store,” my wife and I wound up buying a Laundromat in Hayward, California.  In just two years, using my exclusive strategies, we were able to increase its gross revenue from $5,500 a month to over $12,000 a month, while reducing its Expense to Sales ratio from 67% to 46%.  To put it another way, our little cash machine puts over $6,500 a month in our pocket.  These are the same strategies which I want to share with you.


Moreover; we were able to change the characteristic of the majority of its profit, from Active income to Passive income, lowering our taxes and keeping more of our money at home.  Wait a minute; did I just say that the income the Laundromat generates I am able to change from Active Income to Passive Income?  You bet I did!  And these strategies, at the same time, give us a tax break against our Active income.  In fact, the way we do Laundromats, we can control just how much of the income we want to receive as Active income and how much we want to receive as Passive income.  This can really help out your tax situation.


Let me give you an example:  Let’s just say you have some rental properties Valued at $1,175,000.  Let’s also say that your rental properties just breakeven on a cash flow basis. In other words after paying for your mortgage, insurance, taxes, maintenance, and all the other expenses of the properties, the rental income just covers the expenses and that’s it, there is nothing left.  On your taxes however you would show a loss for your rental property on your Schedule E, because you are able to depreciate the cost of the improvements.  Now let’s say that tax loss was $36,000.  Well if you make more than $100,000 as an individual or $150,000 as a married couple you could only deduct $3,000 of that $36,000 loss, against your earned or Active income.  The rest would be carried forward till next year.  I hate having deductions I can’t take.  But you could deduct the entire $36,000 passive loss against passive income.


Now let’s put a Laundromat into your portfolio.  And say your Laundromat generates $4,000 a month of net profit.  If we changed 3,000 a month of that profit from Active income to Passive income, that would generate passive income of, you guessed it, $36,000.  Now guess how much money you would pay in taxes on that $36,000.  Nothing!  You see, this is a way to make the money and legally pay NO TAXES on it.  But it only works if you do it the right way, and I want to show you how!


It gets better too!  The $12,000 that is left in the Active income bucket that would be added to your earned income, well because it was earned in a business, we will just spend it in the business, because as a Laundromat owner, we need a car to drive, cell phone to receive business calls, and a bunch of other stuff that can now be taken as business expenses instead of personal expenses.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find $20,000 a year of business related expenses, leaving you with a $8,000 deduction against your active income.


So if you are serious about wanting to make a move towards financial independence and are ready to learn how you too can make 20 to 50% return on your money, just visit our website and


Register Now For My 1 Hour Teleseminar To Learn More!!


On the call I personally tell you how you too can get started in the Coin-Laundry business.



This Tele-seminar is not be just a bunch of fluff.  But rather, it is the Down and Dirty Truth about Owning a Coin-Laundry, That Will Make You Smile All The Way to the Bank.


And it is packed full of my secrets on how to Find and Evaluate your Laundromat.  I teach you what kind of demographics you need to be successful and the types of equipment that will have your customers flocking in.  You see, I made my share of mistakes along the way and I tell you how to avoid them so you will be that much further ahead of the game.  You’ll learn how the right lease can make or break your business and how you too can convert the income from active to passive, and much, much more!



Here is what some have said about our way of doing Laundromats:

“For years I wanted to buy a Laundromat.  I have always liked the idea of people putting money into my bank account on a daily basis.  After talking with Coach Brian, he first got me clear on whether this was the best type of investment for me…Once I decided it truly was what I wanted to invest in, he taught me step by step what to do.  Four days after my first coaching session, I got 2 leads of Laundromat owners who wanted to sell.  Not knowing anything about the process, Brian has a system for analyzing, evaluating and making intelligent business decisions.  I decided to pursue a Laundromat in Santa Rosa California and was 60 days away from earning an extra $8K a month by my 3rd coaching session.  Brian taught me the skills that will make me financially free.  Now I can go anywhere and evaluate, analyze, and purchase the right cash flow Laundromat.”


Thank you Coach Brian


Carl Logrecco




“Brian and May Brunckhorst have brought their experience and creativity in successfully operating Laundromats to the rest of us.  Their unique approach does something that I do not often see and that is they even consider the tax aspects of the investment and through their structuring provide the best possible tax results for their projects.”


Warren Taryle CPA MST

People tell us, “the information is invaluable” and “nobody is doing it this way!”


So if you’re tired of earning 2 to 5 % in the bank or praying for 10 to 15% in the market, and want to learn more about the Coin-Laundry business and how you too can make 20 to 50% returns, sign up for my 1-hour Tele-seminar valued at $97 for FREE by Clicking Here to Register.  But you better hurry because this Free Tele-seminar is for a limited time only and I don't know whether I will ever offer this for free again.

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